Our Services

What are our services???

We provide professional certified and credentialed caregiver, nurse, and therapist to meet the complex medical needs of both Thais and foreigners in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Our services can be daily, monthly, or 12-hourly bases.

We also offer other special services including medical check-up by certified doctor, taking blood sample, urinalysis and stool examination, changing of feeding tube, changing of urine tube, wound care, medical injection, ambulance service, and procurement of care tools (wheelchair, bed etc.)


Who are our customers?

Our customers can be bed patient, partially impaired patient, cancer patient, and post-operation patient. If you need more information, please contact our staff.


Our area of services

We offer our services covered all area of Chiang Mai Province.

Our Fee

How much do we charge for our services?

Our service cost is depended on the needs of each patient. It is largely tailor-made to suit the special needs of our customer. Please tell us more detail and we will get back to you with our quotation.


Payment Method?

Via Bank Account of Chiangmai Home Care

**Cash payment pay directly to our caretaker, nurse, or therapist is highly not recommended. Or else any wrong doing is not part of Chiangmai Home Care responsibility**


When do we have to pay?

We will send you an invoice. After confirmation of payment, we will send you our caretaker to your home within 72 hours.

Our Staff

What happened if caretaker/nurse/therapist take a day off

If our caretake/nurse/therapist need to take a day off, we will notify the customer well in advance. Nonetheless, if services are still needed, our standby staff are available


Can I change my caretaker?

Of course. If you would like to change your caretaker/nurse/therapist, please notify us and give us 5-10 days so we will arrange a new caretaker/nurse/therapist for you.


How can I contact Chiangmai Home care?

Please contact us via telephone or Line application. We are happy to answer all of your concerns.